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House Nouvrai is an old family, though not ancient. They saw their rise and became nobles during the Exalted Marches on Tevinter Imperium (4:40 Black — 5:10 Exalted), the great knight Olivier Nouvrai managed to lead the troops and hold the line against a intense Tevinter sneaky attack on the back line of the forces defending the Imperial Highway. The General and second in command of the Orlesian knights got killed and it seemed the Tevinters would take the very strategic road. there they got their motto:

Ici nous sommes, (here we stand)

After the war done, Olivier got promoted to a general himself, the Nouvrai got their title and the rule of Mont De Glace, becoming the protectors of the Southern borders of the empire and establishing their fame and wealth since then. For generations the Nouvrai ruled the frozen plains, adapted hunting the rare animals for it's finest furs, meat, and other qualities. Making a firm line of nobility, though the extremely harsh winters of the very edge of the continent kept claiming many of the Nouvrai youngsters, limiting the spread of the line, and also limiting any potential In between-family assasinations or games against each other's, the Nouvrai were too precious to be wasted in such games.


When the duty called again and the empire launched full campaign against the eastern kingdom of Ferelden (Blessed 8:24 — Dragon 9:02) The Nouvrai didn't hesitate a moment, leaving Mont De Glace under the watch of their strong allies the Grosvenors, and go leading the armies into Ferelden and staying there for the most of the occupation period since the the rulers of Mont De Glace had the greatest experience in dealing with the wilders people and the mountains. Such experience paid full well when Astor Nouvrai (Fabien's grandfather) had to lead the Orleasian forces out of Ferelden after the empire lost that province. And he made sure sure that all the troops came home intact, not been ravaged by the hill tribes on the way.


Recently, the whole line came down to the only legitimate heir of the title, Fabien Nouvrai who inherited after his father's death in a hunting accident at 9:49 DA. The current Marquis' greatest achievements is accomplishing strong peace with the wilders tribes in the province with the help of wilder-related people under his service. The current goal of Fabien is maintaining the peace, getting married and produce heirs to preserve the noble line. So would he succeed? Or the Grande Game would take its toll on him?



  • Associated Lore (affiliations, locations, etc)

    • Coming soon

  • Plot threads the family are involved in

  • Family tree:

Mini Profiles

These mini profiles are for players to use as a quick reference. Placed in spoiler tags.


Name: Fabien Nouvrai

Position in the family: The Marquis of Mont-De-Glace and the head of House Nouvrai also the only living person with pure Nouvrai blood - inherited the title upon his father's death in August, 9:49

Immediate Relations: Élliane Lemoine - Élie Grosvenor - Grosvenor Cousins - Walter Allard

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: Hired Rosaline Mont to bring Duc Theron secrets to him - His finance is carrying a child presumed his.


Name: Amélie Nouvrai-Valleau

Position in the family: Marquise/Marquessa, married to Fabien on 24th August, 951

Immediate Relations: Fabien Nouvrai, Laurent Valleau, Flavienne Valleau, Marcel Valleau.

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: Amélie is pregnant as of Summerday and it is not certain if Fabien is the father. He believes she was a virgin and she told him he is the father. Amélie is having an incestual relationship with her older brother, Marcel. As of her wedding day she has not slept with Marcel. Amélie was raped by the bard Alwyn Fiske and would have died and lost her baby if Seleste had not healed her. Amélie, finally, is also a mage.


Name: Walter Allard


Position in the family: Fabien’s illegitimate half brother, works as a footman for him.

Immediate Relations: Élliane Lemoine - Fabien Nouvrai - Caitlyn Steward

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: He is the bastard of Guirard Nouvrai, he doesn't know but the family and the important people in household know.


Name: Élie Grosvenor


Position in the family: Head of house Grosvenor, the Marquis’ uncle and one of his strongest generals.

Immediate Relations: Fabien Nouvrai - His five daughters

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: ??


Name: Élliane Lemoine


Position in the family: The late lady Nouvrai, Fabien’s step mother.

Immediate Relations: Fabien Nouvrai - Walter Allard

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: Is barren, couldn't produce any Nouvrai heirs.


Name: Caitlyn Stuart

Position in the family: The martial steward of the Marquis and his knight.

Immediate Relations: Fabien Nouvrai - Walter Allard

Do they have any secrets that have been revealed IC: Fabien had payed large sum of money to get the lowborn girl knighted - She holds the torch for Fabien.

Character Registry

  • Active Characters

    • Fabien Nouvrai (played by Victor)

    • Amélie Nouvrai-Valleau (played by Claire)

    • Caitlyn Stuart (played by elnawawi)

    • Seleste Planchett (played by Jax)

    • Nairne (played by Victor)

    • Marcel Valleau (played by Skorge)

    • Darci Tressal (played by Zyah_Rayne)

    • Étain Roussel (played by Celes)

  • Non-active characters

    • Walter Allard (needs adopting)
    • Poppy Béringer (needs adopting)
    • --
  • Passive characters - those not played by a member

    • Nicolette Grosvenor

    • Rosette Grosvenor

    • Claudette Grosvenor

    • Jeanette Grosvenor

  • NPCs

    • Élie Grosvenor

    • Anette Grosvenor

    • Élliane Lemoine

    • Liliane Stuart - The scribe of late lady Nouvrai

    • Renard - The bard of the Marquis

    • Raphael - The Marquis' physician 

  • Extra: Mont-De-Glace other families (For quick reference)

    • Les Grosvenors - The white snow fox.

    • Les Belrose - The Red Rose,

    • Les Lemoine - Yellow ribbon tying a salmon.

    • Les Favreau - the Gyrfalcon

    • Les Brouchard - the Muskox 


Latest News
Satinalia Festival

  • The Marquis and Marquise announce their pregnancy at the Satinalia Ball.



  • The Newlyweds settle in for the winter which begins very harshly indeed.

24. August, 951

  • Fabien and Amélie married in the Mont-de-Glace cathedral.


18.Solace, 951

  • At early morning Caitlyn confront Amelie with the bard's confessions but she deny them all and manipulate the steward into believing her.
  • The hunting party starts!
  • Liliane Stuart sneaks with Magali's servant in Cait's room, her intent unknown.


17.Solace, 951

  • The feast with an official dinner, where Fabien announce his engagement to Amelie.
  • The grand cleric brings 10,000 royals to Fabien, claiming they are Amelie dowry from her father.
  • Caitlyn meets the Marquis' bard, hiding as a butler, he helps her catch the Grand Cleric's bard who were following her
  • Caitlyn interrogate the bard and learns that he had affairs with Amelie and he claim she had other affairs as well
  • Fabien find his finance and Magali trapped in the wine cellar bruised and bleeding, he learns that Amelie is hysterical about the dark.
  • Caitlyn meets Magali after the accident, they share their suspicions and restore good old times like friends
  • Caitlyn get a full report from the bard about the day activity and he reveal more secrets about her past, biggest of them is how Fabien got her into the noble knights order.

10-16.Solace, 951

  • All guests arrive to Mont De Glace.

  • Fabien sleeps with Amelie again, learns that she is with his child.

  • The revelation makes him haste to talk to her brother about marriage, they agree on 120 Royals as a dowry.

  • A rumor start to spread in the household about the nobleman and his guest.

  • The steward meets Amelie twice within few days, first time the lady feel tired and the physician come to check on her (and learn about the child), second time the lady gives Caitlyn her mother's jewelry.

  • Caitlyn meet Magali who have been frigid, the steward thinks she have lost her old friend to the game.

  • Caitlyn come up with a plan, she go meet Fabien and show him some of her long hidden qualities but he still doesn't seem interested. Though he agree - initially - on her proposal and decide to introduce her to the game


Justinian, 951

  • The Marquis and his steward run a preamble hunting party

  •  Caitlyn having hard to sort the crush she has on Fabien after knowing he will announce his engagement in the event


Bloomingtide, 951

  • Fabien start sending invitations to all guests

  • The Marquis' uncle asks him to marry one of his daughters, saying he waits for the answer by the end of the upcoming event.

  • Fabien tell his steward about the party to start start preparations


1-3.Bloomingtide, 951DA

  • The Marquis attend the Grand Duc’s Summerday Event with his half-brother Walter Allard as his valet.

  • Fabien meets Amelie Valleau, daughter of Comte De Lydes

  • Fabien successfully getting the killing shot of the boar that become the main dish in the dinner party

  • Fabien sleeps with Amelie

  • Few hours later, Fabien sleep with a servant of the Grand Duc.

  • At the dinner party, Fabien promised the Valleau siblings an invitation to Mont-De-Glace

  • Rosaline Mont makes a deal with the Marquis to bring him any important documents regarding Doc Theron in couple months for a large sum of money.

  • Fabien and his new lover pass two thirds of the Grand Duc Maze, but get eliminated at last piece.

  • The Duchesse De Montsimmard - The Marquis' childhood friend- invited him to play an orlesian game and helped him win a flower to wear and match hers for the sake of irritating the Valleau girl


Cloudreach, 951DA

  • Some of Elie men started to disappear with no trace.


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37 minutes ago, Victor said:

or will she find Nairne in the nursery with the baby? ;P


As for Southern things, how's about the Grand Duke of Southern Orlais be played by moi? ;)

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1 hour ago, Victor said:

Ooooh, the Grand Duke of Southern Orlais? That would make things very interesting ;)

So, let's devise a setting for this RP. I suggest a 1x1.

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35 minutes ago, Victor said:

Oh, sorry.


Well, it should be a bit in the future, when snow has melted enough so that passage over the mountains is available, so that depends on how long this harsh winter will hold it's grasp.

Technically that won't matter as much for the GD coz he is in Val Firmin. ;)

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