Guthrie Family Affairs

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Name of Group/Plot/Faction: Guthrie Family Affairs
Proposed Date of Plot: 9.20 onwards
Brief Summary of Plot: The lives, loves and losses of the Guthrie brothers and those who are a part of their lives
Completed Thread/s (ordered chronologically)

The Beginning of a Betrothal (16th Wintermarch, 9.07 - Patrick/Evanna, West Hill)
Summer Talks (Summerday, 1st Bloomingtide, 9.07 - Patrick/Evanna, West Hill)
Cold and Salty (16th Kingsway, 9.07 - Patrick/Evana, Leslie estate)

House of Healing (Kingsway, 9.30 - Brodie/Mhairi/Innes)

A Breath of Fresh Air (2nd Harvestmere, 9.30 - Brodie/Mhairi [about 3 weeks after House of Healing])
Telling Tall Tales (18th Kingsway, 9.30 - Innes/Mhairi, West Hill)

Heard It Through the Grapevine (spans Cloudreach - Solace, 9.31 - Brodie/Innes/Mhairi/Patrick, West Hill)
Meant To Be (spans Cloudreach - Solace, 9.31 [next day after Heard it Through the Grapevine], Brodie/Mhairi, West Hill)
Three's A Crowd  (Cloudreach - Solace, 9.31 [3 days after Heard it Through the Grapevine], Innes/Brodie/Mhairi, West Hill)

Cat Got Your Tongue? (17th Cloudreach, 9.31 - Innes/Mhairi/Lysia (NPC), West Hill)
On the Outside (8th Firstfall, 9.31 - Innes/Mhairi, West Hill) *concurrent with meal in 'Family Tensions'/leads to their appearance in 'Family Tensions'
Family Tensions (8th Firstfall, 9.31 - Patrick/Laure/Brodie (Innes/Mhairi later), West Hill)
Strained Loyalties (9th Firstfall, 9.31 - Brodie/Innes, West Hill)
West Hill's Charm and Chaos (9th Firstfall, 9.31 - Mhairi/Laure/(Innes), West Hill)
Confrontations (9th Firstfall, 9.31 - Patrick/Brodie/Laure, West Hill [following Charm and Chaos])
Allies (9th Firstfall, 9.31 - Innes/Laure, West Hill [following Charm and Chaos])

Doubting Destiny (14th Cloudreach, 9.32 - Laure/Innes (Patrick & Brodie later), West Hill cliffs)


To be Wooed, Won and Wed (Summerday: 1st Bloomingtide, 9.33 - Brodie/Mhairi/Innes/Laure & Lysia, West Hill)
Love Is... (1st - 7th Bloomingtide, 9.33 - Brodie/Mhairi) *Honeymoon Thread
A Great Big World Out There (28th Harvestmere, 9.33 - Innes/Lysia; Brodie & Mhairi later) *Innes informs his family that he intends to enlist in the army

Terror in Town (7th Cloudreach, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, Denerim)
Struggle Breeds Greatness (10th Cloudreach, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, Denerim)
Escape from the City (21st Cloudreach, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, outside Denerim)
Collisions of Duty (9th Justinian, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, Denerim)
Rest and Recuperation (26th Justinian, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, Dragon's Peak bannorn)
A Game of Hearts (mid-Solace, 9.40 - Andrew/Briana/Innes at start, Denerim)
Growing Closer (mid-end Kingsway, 9.40 - Innes/Briana, Dales in Orlais)

The Obligatory Joining (Drakonis, 9.43 - Innes/Martigan, Denerim)
Home Again (3rd Cloudreach, 9.43 - Brodie/Innes/Mhairi)

Happy New Year (1st Wintermarch, 9.44 - Innes/Nymiria/Lynn, New Year party in Montsimmard; Innes travelled from Soldier's Peak)

Sparring with Friends (7th Kingsway, 9.48 - Innes/Lynn, Montsimmard) *Innes said he arrived mid-August
A Whole New World (9th Kingsway, 9.48 - Innes/Laurel, Montsimmard)
Hand to Hand - 12th Kingsway, 9.48 (Innes & Laurel)

Birthday Wishes (4th Harvestmere, 9.48 - Innes/Laurel, Montsimmard) *incomplete
The Lion, The Witch and The Warden (3rd Firstfall, 9.48 - Innes/Giselle, Montsimmard)

A Poisoning of the Soul (6th Wintermarch, 9.49 - Innes/Giselle, Montsimmard)

Morning After the Night Before (17th Harvestmere, 9.49 - Innes/Lynn, Montsimmard)
Trio (Late Harvestmere, 9.49 - Innes/Matthew/Weylyn, Jader/Montsimmard) - meets Matthew/Weylyn for first time
Pack Leader (12th Firstfall, 9.49 -Innes/Matthew/Weylyn, Montsimmard) - helps to arrange training for Weylyn from Kennel Master

Fair is Foul, and foul is fair (13th Wintermarch, 9.50 - Innes/Lydrion/Nymiria, Nahashin Marshes)
Second Chance at a First Impression (9th Drakonis, 9.50 - Lynn/Ardair (Innes makes appearance mid-way through), Montsimmard)
The Tie That Binds (14th Harvestmere, 9.50 - Briana/Cameron, Orlesian Chantry near Val Foret)

A Lady, A Young Bann and His Brother (6th Guardian 9.51 - Olivia, Nathair and Ramsey, Southreach) *incomplete
Adventuring in Kirkwall (7th Guardian, 9.51 - Innes/Anwen, 'The Laughing Dragon', Kirkwall) *Tasia is a young dog, barely more than a pup

Cold Breezes (7th Drakonis, 9.51 - Innes/Conan, Frostbacks) *Innes is training inexperienced Wardens between outposts in Frostbacks
The Mantle of a Mentor (12th Drakonis, 9.51 - Innes at start only; Conan & Lynn) *Innes leave Conan to visit Val Firmin after receiving message about his father's ailing health

Des sourires, des larmes et des pommes d'été (3rd Bloomingtide, 9.51 - Laure/Corinne, Val Firmin) *incomplete

Agreeable Trades (17th Harvestmere, 9.51 - Nathair/Tobias - Mhairi later, Highever/West Hill)
Impending Celebrations (30th Harvestmere, 9.51 - Tobias/Nathair, West Hill)
In His Wake (30th Harvestmere, 9.51 - Innes/Brodie, West Hill)

Festival Fun (1st Firstfall (Satinalia), 9.51 - Tobias/Nathair, West Hill)
Cumbersome Bureaucracy And Politics (2nd Firstfall, 9.51 - Brodie/Innes, West Hill)
Working Holiday (4th Firstfall, 9.51 - Nathair/Tobias, West Hill)
Innes appointed Warden-Commander, 25th Firstfall, 9.51
Mother in All But Name (28th Firstfall, 9.51 - Innes/Laurel, Guthrie-Beaulieu estate, Val Firmin)

Innes/Laurel arrive in Vigil's Keep, 12th Haring, 9.51
Child's Play (16th Haring, 9.51 - Innes/Many Names, Vigil's Keep) - meets Many Names, hears about her secret mission, arranges house in Amaranthine for MN/Gottfried/Miraria
A Memorable Meeting (mid-Haring, 9.51 - Innes/Kyla, Amaranthine City)
Formalities (mid-Haring, 9.52 - Innes/Kyla) *3 days after 'A Memorable Meeting'
A Good Tradition of Love and Hate (18th Haring
A Second Meeting (29th Haring, 9.52 - Innes/The Adopted, outside Vigil's Keep)
A Warden Welcome (30th Haring, 9.52 - Innes/Anza, Vigil's Keep)



Love the Life (Wintermarch (early?), 9.52 - Innes/Lynn/Martigan, Vigil's Keep)
Late Night Talks (early hours of 3rd Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Lynn, Vigil's Keep)
Remind Me of your Name Again? (3rd Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Matthew, Vigil's Keep) - first meeting with Matthew since becoming WC who discusses his concerns; Arl's estate given over to use by Silver Order; Matthew granted some freedom to investigate disappearance of Alexander Deraine
Proving Intentions (3rd Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Kyla, Vigil's Keep)
Dwarves and Smugglers (4th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Amalia, Vigil's Keep) - meets Amalia who debriefs about Millers & smugglers &Kal-Hirol
Housewarming (afternoon of 4th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Gottfried/Many Names, Amaranthine City)
Ghosts and Grain (10th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Tobias/Nathair)

Pride and Prejudice (12th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Nathair/Brodie)
A Litter of Love (12th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Weylyn, Vigil's Keep) - meets Weylyn, discusses approaching Avvar for trade
Dinner and Wine (14th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Nathair/Tobias/Mhairi, West Hill) *Tobias "meets" Mhairi for the first time as Nathair's love interest
Accidental Acquaintances (15th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Milena & Taerand, Amaranthine City)
The Way to a Man's Heart... (19th Wintermarch, 9.52 - Nathair/Tobias, West Hill)

Rebounding (2nd Guardian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Amaranthine City/Vigil's Keep)
City Break (6th Guardian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Denerim) - reveals intentions to allow families of recruited Wardens to move to Amaranthine
Family Visit (21st Guardian - Nathair/Tobias, Highever) *visit to Tobias' parents, consummate their relationship, bring Tobias' mother back to West Hill to visit
Favourite Hello, Hardest Goodbye (29th Guardian, 9.52 - NPCs Callista & Ben Coates, West Hill) *Nathair and Tobias completing chores on farm

Checking In (13th Drakonis, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigl's Keep)
Drunk As Skunks (13/14th Drakonis, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigl's Keep)
We Meet At Last (18th Drakonis, 9.52 - Innes/Olivia, Southreach)

Getting in Deeper (5th Cloudreach, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)
Debriefing (7th Guardian, 9.52 (before Blaze of Rdemption) - Innes/Matthew/Amaila, Vigil's Keep)
Blaze of Redemption (7th Cloudreach, 9.52 - Innes/Marvin, small village in Amaranthine Arling)
One Step Forward (8th Cloudreach, 9.52 - Marvin/Innes, VK & burned village)
Team Talks (9th Cloudreach, 9.52 - Innes/Laurel/Marvin, Vigil's Keep)
Return Visit (21st Cloudreach, 9.52 - Nathair/Tobias (and Callista & Ben)
New Arrival (29th Cloudreach, 9.52 - Innes/Morgan, Vigil's Keep)

The Gift (Summersday - 1st Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)
On the Road (4th Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, enroute to Deep Roads/Orzammar) - visits Orzammar for three days and continues to improve relations between Order and dwarves (building on earlier reparations by Matthew/Amalia)
Charm Offensive (7th Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Innes/Ulricha, Orzammar)
Be Our Guest (9th Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Innes/Ulricha/Rosamund, Orzammar)
Brotherly Advice (11th Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Brodie/Innes, West Hill)
A Dragon in Amaranthine (30th Bloomingtide, 9.52 - Alessandra/Kyla; Innes at end)

Moving On (7th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)
Second Thoughts (8th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Amaranthine)
Rise and Shine (10th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) * Warden giving evil eye to Innes across Mess
Once upon a midnight dreary... (12th Justinian, 9.52, Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) *revealed Innes has travelled to Anderfels
Joining (13th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) *Warden seemingly following Innes/NPC Catherine speaks to Rayne
Setting the Standard (15th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Deana, Keep/Silver Order barracks, Amaranthine) *introduces Major Kyla and Captain Brayden
Family Affairs (26th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Highever)
Like Father, Like Son (26th Justinian, 9.52 - Brodie/Ramsey, West Hill)
Search and Rescue (29th Justinian, 9.52 - Brodie/Mhairi/Innes/Rayne/Ramsey, West Hill) *Ramsey Joined
Tell-Tale Heart (29th into 30th Justinian, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Guthrie estate, West Hill) *concurrent
Some Nights (29th into 30th Justinian, 9.52 - Brodie/Mhairi, Guthrie estate, West Hill) *concurrent

Revelations (1st Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Mhairi/Brodie (Rayne), Guthrie estate, West Hill)
Brother and Sister (1st Solace, 9.52 - [[after Revelations] Ramsey/Bridget/[Nathair later], Guthrie estate, West Hill) *incomplete
Love's Young Dream (10th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Deana/Ramsey, Vigil's Keep)
Puppy Love (16th Solace, 9.52 - Deana/Ramsey/NPC Maggie, Vigil's Keep)
All's Well (evening of 16th into early morning of 17th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne)
Tunnelling to Trouble (Evening of 19th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) Innes kills Douglas - the non-tainted man who tainted Ramsey
Harrumphing and Healing (19th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Laurel, Vigil's Keep) *immediately after 'Tunnelling to Trouble'
Heart of a Lion (Evening of 19th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) *immediately after 'Harrumphing and Healing'
Wicked Webs We Weave (t Solace, 9.52 - rebels/Innes, Vigil's Keep) *concurrent with 'Heart of a Lion'/Innes is almost murdered
Visiting Hours (late evening 19th Solace, 9.52 - Deana, Rayne, Laurel, Ramsey & unconscious Innes, Vigil's Keep)
Meddling Missives (20th Solace, 9.52 - Brodie/Mhairi (and Nathair), Guthrie estate, West Hill)
Dawning Realisations (Evening of 23rd Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Infirmary in Vigil's Keep)
*Innes wakes fully following the murder attempt
Calling in a Favour (24th Solace, 9.52 - Martigan/Innes, Vigil's Keep)
Rarely Pure, Never Simple (early hours of 25th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Laurel, Vigil's Keep)
Open Heart (early hours of 25th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)

Extracting Splinters (mid-morning of 25th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)
A Little Sleep Goes A Long Way (late evening of 25th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)

Past Trangressions (26th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Ramsey/Brodie/Mhairi, Vigil's Keep)
Querying Orders (late morning/early afternoon of 26th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep)
Brothers In Arms (afternoon of 26th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Brodie, Vigil's Keep infirmary)
Duty Before Self (afternoon of 26th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Laurel, Vigil's Keep) *after 'Brothers in Arms'
Infirm, But Not in Mind or Purpose (mid-morning of 28th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Cal; then Malachi, Vigil's Keep)
As The Cards Foretold (29th Solace, 9.52 - Mhairi/Brodie, Denerim)

Cost of Living (30th Solace, 9.52 - Innes/Deana, Vigil's Keep) *Deana leaves Vigil's Keep

Clash of Conscience (30th Solace - 1st August, 9.52 - Deanna/Maggie then Innes, Amaranthine/Vigil's Keep) *Deana returns to VK; admits her feelings
Line of Command (2nd August, 9.52 - Innes/Matthew/Amalia, Vigil's Keep)
Always on Duty (3rd August, 9.52 - Innes/Talia, Vigil's Keep)
Only for a Short Time (3rd August, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) 
*immediately after 'Where Good Intentions Lead'
A Problem Unwillingly Shared (4th August, 9.52 - Innes/Amalia, Vigil's Keep)
Tricksy Cards (6th August, 9.52 - Nathair/Tobias, West Hill) *Nathair receives a letter from Brodie telling him of events in Amaranthine
Piquing Animosity at the Peak (12th August, 9.52 - Innes/Talia/Morgan/Lyall, Soldier's Peak)
Time to Come Home (12-15th August, 9.52 - Ramsey/Malachi, Denerim to VK)
In the Aftermath (13th August, 9.52 - Innes, Talia & Ilshara, Soldier's Peak)
Past Meets Present (15th August, 9.52 - Innes/Briana, Soldier's Peak)
Making Headway (15th August, 9.52 - Innes/Arran, Soldier's Peak) *a few hours after 'Past Meets Present'
Happy Families (twilight on 15th August, 9.52 - Innes, Sascha, Navia, Soldier's Peak)

Honey, I'm Home! (15th August, 9.52 - Ramsey & Deana)
Going Forward Nothing Changes (16th August, 9.52 - Innes & Lyall, Soldier's Peak)
The Duties of a Bann (18th August, 9.52 - Brodie & Mhairi, Nathair, Bridget, West Hill)
Home Again (19th August, 9.52 - Innes, Rayne, Navia & Sascha, Soldier's Peak)
Reunited (19th into 20th August, 9.52 - Innes & Rayne, Soldier's Peak)
20th August - Innes leave Soldier's Peak to return to Vigil's Keep to deal with the aftermath of Thorne and Catherine
Home Alone (21st August, 9.52 - Nathair/Tobias, West Hills)
*news of Gideon's death
Commander & Constable (24th August, 9.52 - Innes & Matthew, Vigil's Keep)
Menacing Mages (24th August, 9.52 - Innes & Marvin, Vigil's Keep)
Gathered Family (very late 24th August, 9.52 - Innes & Ramsey, Vigil's Keep)
House Call (26th August, 9.52 - Innes & Callum, Amaranthine)
Healer's Orders (26th August, 9.52 - Innes/Deana, Vigil's Keep)
A Fiery End (27th August, 9.52 - Innes/Anza, Vigil's Keep)
27th August - Innes meets with the nobles in Amaranthine to ask for a Seneschal (Ramon offers the next day)
Putting the House in Order (28th August, 9.52 - Innes/Ramon, Vigil's Keep)
Old Dog, New Tricks (30th August, 9.52 - Innes/Amalia, Arl of Amaranthine estate)

Announcing a Seneschal (3rd Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Ramon, Arl of Amaranthine estate)
New Adventures (10th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, woodland outside Vigil's Keep) *Rayne returns from Kinloch Hold where she had left her daughters

Practice Makes Perfect (13th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Amalia, Arl of Amaranthine estate)
I Want To Be A Real Warden! (14th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Ramsey, Vigil's Keep)
The Last Supper (14th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Ramon, Ramon's house)
17th Kingsway - Innes (and Rayne?) return to Soldier's Peak

What's Around the Corner (18th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Rayne, Soldier's Peak) *discover strange magical artifacts 
Flaming Success (19th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes/Marvin, Soldier's Peak)
22nd Kingsway - Innes departs Soldier's Peak to meet with Briana to claim Cameron (states he can be away 2 weeks - messenger finds him mid-thread in Finding Family; can stay away a little longer if necessary)
Finding Family (24th Kingsway, 9.52 - Innes, Briana & Cameron; Denerim and then village in South Reach)


The Arl, The Warrior and a Boy Named Ramsey (9th Harvestmere, 9.52 - Innes, Callum & Ramsey, Amaranthine)

Archive Link

Current Thread/s:
  • Birthday Gift (5th Guardian, 9.52 - Nathair/Bridget, Highever)

Hiatus Threads:

  • Maker Watch Over You (1st Wintermarch, 9.52 - Innes/Soren, Amaranthine City) *Innes meets the Right Hand of the Divine - awaiting Isaiah's return
  • A Defence Against Betrayal (27th Solace, 9.52 - Martigan/Catherine, Vigil's Keep) *Martigan 'promotes' Catherine to Constable - awaiting Ameridan's return
  • Where Good Intentions Lead (3rd August, 9.52 - Innes/Martigan/Rayne, Vigil's Keep) *directly after 'Always on Duty' - awaiting Ameridan's return


Cast of Characters (dramatis personae):


Honorary Guthries:

  • Briana Talon - love interest to Innes, 9.40 - end of 9.42; mother to Innes' son, Cameron (born later summer, 9.43)
  • Velanna Laurel Amrita - love interest to Innes, 9.49; close friend to Innes 9.50 onwards
  • Rayne - love interest to Innes, 9.52 onwards; mother to Sascha and Navia (Innes considers her two daughters a part of his family)
  • Tobias - love interest to Nathair, 9.52 onwards
  • Deana Suthers - love interest to Ramsey, 9.52 onwards


  • Laure Beaulieu (second wife to Patrick, step-mother to Brodie & Innes, rival to Mhairi)
  • Lysia Brueghel (teenage love interest of Innes)
  • Patrick Campbell Cameron Guthrie (father to Brodie and Innes; husband to Laure) - played by Caraine
  • Evanna Ninette Leslie (mother to Brodie and Innes; deceased) - played by Gali10
  • Corinne Adalyn Guthrie Beaulieu (second daughter of Patrick & Laure - born 9.37) - played by Gali10


Family Tree of the smokin' hot Guthrie family!



Adoptable are available:

  • Anaïs Camilla Guthrie Beaulieu (first daughter of Patrick & Laure - born 9.35)

  • Additional friends and family (or enemies) are welcomed - be it from other Houses in Ferelden and Orlais or entirely independent characters (e.g. servants, craftsmen, soldiers etc).  
    Please post in this thread if you want to show interest or share an idea.

Mini Character Profiles:

Name:  Innes Cameron Guthrie
Relations:  Warden-Commander of Ferelden/Arl of Amaranthine, younger brother to Brodie, brother-in-law to Mhairi
Impact on the plot:

Name:  Brodie Campbell Guthrie
Relations:  Bann of West Hills, older brother to Innes, husband to Mhairi
Impact on the plot:

Name:  Mhairi Annabel Hopeton
Relations:  Wife of Brodie, childhood friend of both Brodie and Innes
Impact on the plot:

Name:  Nathair Cullen Guthrie
Relations:  Eldest child of Brodie & Mhairi; nephew to Innes
Impact on the plot: Bringing ambition and broodiness to West Hill!

Name:  Ramsey Cole Guthrie
Relations:  Middle child of Brodie & Mhairi; nephew to Innes
Impact on the plot: Bringing chaos to order with a cheeky smile!

Name:  Bridget Guthrie
Relations:  Youngest child of Brodie & Mhairi; niece to Innes
Impact on the plot:  Bringing sweetness and light amidst quarrelling boys!



Future Plot/Thread Ideas:


Death of Evanna (mother to Brodie and Innes), 9.23
Growing relationship between Brodie and Mhairi, circa 9.30 - 9.34 (and onwards into married life)
Childhood/teenage antics of Brodie, Innes and Mhairi, circa 9.20 - 9.30
Lysia and Innes - the highs and lows of first love!

Undesired betrothal of Brodie, 9.31 (currently being RP'd)
Developing friendship between Innes and Laure, 9.31 onwards
Family fun (including all children), 9.35 onwards

Death of Patrick (father to Brodie, Innes, Anais, Corinne), 9.51 (in a thread with Lynn dated 9.48, Innes admits that Patrick has essentially disowned his boys)
Innes' acquirement of a Mabari.  This is of utmost importance.  I want a Mabari.  (In 9.52, Innes has a female Mabari called Tasia.  Becomes pregnant whilst Innes travelling between Montsimmard and Vigil's Keep (approx 12th Haring) and has her litter slightly early on 8th Guardian, 9.52)
Empty nest syndrome for Mhairi and Brodie??
Innes suffers a breakdown because of all the stress which his nephew, his nephew's girlfriend and his nephew's friend cause for him!


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1 hour ago, Caraine said:

Cameron is in-coming. I think Briana and Innes will be in West Hill at the end of Kingsway.

This is Brodie: :emoji_ok:

This is me: :guitar::music::ohshiz::ohnoes::rock-on::trumpet::yay::thanks::rp:

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Guthrie Crew:

I think we can end this thread on Flap's post:

If we want to continue with the idea, let's start a new thread when they're at the party (and/or Mhairi and Bridget are shopping for dresses - entirely up to you!).

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25 minutes ago, Caraine said:

Guthrie Crew:

I think we can end this thread on Flap's post:

If we want to continue with the idea, let's start a new thread when they're at the party (and/or Mhairi and Bridget are shopping for dresses - entirely up to you!).

:emoji_thumbsup: Tag me whenever it's up.

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Depending on whether @Zyah_Rayne agrees, I think it's time for Cameron to be introduced to the Guthrie family!  The thread where Innes/Bria claim him covers a few days.  The first day of that thread is dated the 24th Kingsway so we can sort of fudge things slightly and say they arrive in West Hill just before evening meal on 28th Kingsway.  Does that suit everyone's timelines?

Any preference for how this should be RP'd?  It doesn't have to be a group thread, but I think it's fair to say that Zyah and I need to see the reactions of Brodie and Mhairi (Nathair/Bridget are also important, but not as essential) before we can continue to RP Innes/Bria with Cameron and whatever they decide to do about him staying in West Hill.

So, we can do a group thread or 1x1's or whatever.  Throw ideas at me.  Having said that, if no one is especially bothered, you can let me know your characters' reactions OOCly and we can incorporate that into the Innes/Bria threads.  Obviously it's more fun to play it out though!

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