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Noble Houses Information Hub

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Noble House Hubs

There are many prominent noble houses in Thedas, each within their own hub within the Emporium. The purpose of these pages is to combine evolving lore and information, plotting and tracking for each noble house to make it easier to plot with them and to organise the Great Game and other intricate plots.
There will be live, updated news along with links to any lore on the wiki and any other tidbits of information that the creators of these houses think players will need. You will be encouraged to use these threads as plot pages and the OP will be the hub of information, and updated on a regular basis.
There are two types of hubs -

  1. Core hubs: these are Houses that are essential to the progress of plots in the game and are maintained by staff members
  2. Outer hubs: these are Houses that are more easily lessened in terms of prominence or outright disappear so that their inactivity does not impede upon plots - they are maintained mostly by non-staff members


Criteria for Outer noble house hubs - must have at least:

  • At least one Restricted Role being played
  • 8 characters
  • 3 active players
  • 2 planned plots
  • 1 active plot
  • Players in charge of the hub must be available to staff at least once every two days
  • Players in charge must be willing to supply summarised plot information to staff, or at least available to work on such information with a staff member

If you wish to add a noble house please contact an admin.

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