Dwarf & Tevinter Adoptables ("Aeducan Gang"+ Ludus Umidus)

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Her Royal Highness Ulricha needs her friends and companions to RP with :D

Also, in the second half of 9:52 Ulricha will go on pilgrimage to Haven. Since she was given permission to go topside, and she isn't expected to go all alone, these adoptables can join her without becoming surfacers (Yaay! :D ).

So, I'll  love to see at least a few of these taken. You all know you want to adopt a dwarf... :)

Speaking of which, if you prefer your dwarves tainted, check out @Caraine's grey warden dwarf :P


[images in spoilers. All character details are open to change. Any characters not listed here are also super-welcome :) ]




1ecae0b1-0bd4-40d5-ad36-e10b03aeb63a.jpgFC: Ray Stevenson



Fixed details:

-- Name: Dungan Saelac

-- Age: At least 40

-- Ulricha's berserker trainor

-- Warrior of the Warrior Caste

Pre-arranged environment:

-- Is uncomfortable with Ulricha's religion and her intentions to go topside, but he's also very close to her

-- Veteran warrior and master berserker


-- Lots of potential plotting for Orzammar, Deep Roads and topside. Also, you'll have the opportunity to give berserker lessons!



59273563-6fcd-4470-932c-b71b6d868a8a.jpgFC: Catherine McCormack



Fixed details:

-- Name: Tekla

-- Age: 20-30

-- Ulricha's handmaiden

-- Of the Servant Caste

Pre-arranged environment:

-- Is secretly in love with Ulricha

-- Converted to Andrastianism after her lady did

-- Wishes to learn how to fight, but is afraid of being punished for "forgetting her place" in the servant caste


-- Lots of potential plotting for Orzammar, Deep Roads and topside. Also, romancing potential!



tumblr_oae3goeeU81qbfgclo4_400.gifFC:  Rachael Ancheril



Fixed details:

-- Name: Broucharda Turana

-- Age: 20-30

-- Ulricha's "semi-personal" blacksmith

-- Of the Smith Caste, smith & warrior/rogue

Pre-arranged environment:

-- Ulricha's on/off girlfriend

-- Very unapologetic about her strong beliefs in favor of "post-casteism", although she loves being a smith

-- Raised to be a royal smith, she's very loyal to the Aeducans but equally unimpressed by their nobility


-- Lots of potential plotting for Orzammar, Deep Roads and topside. Smithing, politics & romance aplenty!



298de78c-0ec0-49a4-b999-6778dd8a6ce8.jpgFC: Renée O'Connor

Sister Miri, Ulricha's "spiritual adviser"


Botten Turana, Broucharda's brother & Ulricha's "armor stylist"


Sergeant "Ogrebelly", commands Ulricha's army unit in her absence [not warrior caste]






  • Warrior
  • Age 35-40
  • Personal slave of the Lanista Emilia Umida Vipera. Serves as his mistress’s varlet, bodyguard, scribe and accountant.
  • Boe was born into slavery and raised in the intention of being used as accountant and scribe. When his original owner died, the inheritors sold the big strong kossith to Umidus as a gladiator.
  • Was Vipera’s gift from her late husband. It was she who discovered he was more than just a warrior.
  • Born mute.
  • Has an eidetic memory.
  • Was taught by Vipera how to use poison to gain further edge in fighting.
  • Often he communicates with Vipera by massaging her back (yes, they have their own personal massage-language :D )



  • Human
  • Warrior/Rogue/Mage
  • Age 25-30
  • Lanista Emilia Umida Vipera's protector. Sometimes works as bodyguard, other times deals with threats herself. She's also head of the lanista & her daughters' personal security (not the ludus, slaves etc).
  • Was born a werewolf in Ferelden, but freed from curse in 9:30. Shortly after she and her mother were enslaved and brought to Ludus Umidus. (Her mother was renamed Luna, and she Lunetta - original werewolf name up to player). [Luna would have died sometime in the 9:40's]
  • Lunetta was trained from the very beginning of her slavery precisely for the role she serves in now.
  • Very loyal to her mistress, & is her most trusted slave after Boe.
  • Suggested FCs: Tania Raymonde / Tatiana Maslany {although Lunetta's eyes are yellow}



  • Gladiator warrior
  • Kossith, age 30-35.
  • Been at the ludus since 9:41
  • Very tall (~6'4'') and muscular and has a long blonde beard
  • Because he and Andrus look (minus the horns) and fight similarly, they are often paired as rivals or partners.


Ferōcia / Delira - Vipera's teen (born 9:37) twin daughters. Warrior and mage, in training, respectively. 

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Posted (edited)

  • Open dwarfs: Dungan, Tekla, Broucharda, Miri, Botten and "Ogrebelly"
  • Open vints: Boe, Lunetta, Jhaverzhiel, Ferōcia and Delira


Edit history:

  • Andrus taken by @Momo
  • Jhaverzhiel updated
Edited by Gali10

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48 minutes ago, Kai said:

ah, sorry, as much as I like the idea, I am just too bogged down right now to take on more charcters. I'm barely keeping up with the ones I already have, sorry :/

No problem, just wanted to check (:

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