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Name of Group: The Crew of Demon's Run
Proposed Date of Plot: Anytime
Brief Summary of Plot: Demons Run (or Demon's Run, either-or) is a Felicisima Armada ship.
This two mast sloop is used as both a warship and for merchant use and the crew is usually somewhere between 70 and 90. The basic plot is typical Raider stuff - mutiny, raiding, double crossing, smuggling, avoiding Qunari, avoiding Crows, avoiding Merchant Princes, avoiding everyone, hehe. Barty is a neutral captain so they deal with anyone and are the potential enemies of everyone.
Past Thread/s: 
  • See thread timeline: here (updated 16/07)
Current Thread/s:
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  • ---
  • ---
Cast of Characters (dramatis personae): 
Roles in gold are needed. Roles in red desperately needed.
For a description of the roles and duties please go here.
  • Captain: Bartholomew Cox (SPC [staff played character])
  • Quartermaster: Whitford
  • Navigator/Sailing Master: Erik (played by @gothik)
  • Mage - Windtalker: Zenda (played by @Claire)
  • BoatswainNyla  (played by @Zyah_Rayne)
  • Bosun: Jerad Gillespie (played by @Planetboss1)
  • Cooper: open position
  • Carpenter: Raistlin --- (played by @Jax
  • Medic - non mage: Zap Brimdine (played by @Flapjack)
  • Medic - mage: As of Kingsway 951 Nesini the Seer (played by @Kai) will be DR's healing mage
  • Mates/Apprentices: 9 (8 remaining)
    • Quartermaster's Mate: open position
    • Navigator's Mate: open position
    • Apprentice Carpenter: Frei Belasko (played by @Gali10)
    • Apprentice Boatswain: open position
    • Apprentice Cooper: open position
    • Apprentice Water Weaver: open position
    • Apprentice Windtalker: open position
    • Apprentice medic - non mage: potential future position
    • Apprentice medic - mage: potential future position
  • A.B.S (Able Bodied Sailor, rogues, archers, etc) - common sailor: 40
    • Jaques (adoptable)
    • Oren (adoptable)
    • Sávvíd (adoptable)
    • Sharia  (adoptable)
  • Musician:
  • Cook:
  • Riggers: 5
  • Cabin Boy/Girl: 2
  • Swabs: 4
    • ---
  • Former Crew:
    • ---


Mini Character Profiles:


Name: Bartholomew Cox
Relations: Captain of Demon's Run, BFF of Whitford, might be Zenda's father.
Impact on the plot: Is the big boss man. Strict but fair to his crew, cut-throat pirate to everyone else. Possible noble heritage since he carries himself with grace and speaks like a noble - could just be well spoken though.
  • Solace 951: The mutineer Rusty (aka Valencio Filip Medici - the nephew of the current Merchant Prince) attempts to take DR. Barty survives the coup.
  • 920: Zenda is born aboard DR.
  • 918: Makes Whitford his Quartermaster.
  • 917: Meets Zenda's mother, brings her on DR as Windtalker.
  • 915: "Acquired" DR.
  • 905: Was on the crew of a Brotherhood ship
  • 890: Born.
Name: Zenda
Relations: Windtalker on Demons Run
Impact on the plot: Is the bad tempered mage on board, might be the daughter of either Barty or Whitford.
  • Solace 951: Fights on Barty's side during the mutiny


Other Relevant Links:
Future Plot Ideas: 
  • Steering clear of Crows - has a visit from one in 951
  • Brotherhood connections --- IN PROGRESS
  • Other piratey shenanigans! 
Plot Notes:
  • Kingsway, 951: Seer's Island
    • Arrive at the Seer's Island for the Court of Leviathan
  • August, 951: Llomerryn, Antiva City, then Kont-Aar
    • Recruited Sulimen and others, places are filled up quickly.
    • Aleria runs into Tia, along with Dalma break into another Raider captain's stronghold in order to steal back the sextant. Tia is captured.
    • The DR crew attempt to free Tia in order to get the sextant back
    • Up anchor and head for Antiva City and the Medici - it is revealed that they are keeping the sextant for Evangeline.
    • Meet the Spitfire on an island near Antiva and plan for a joint venture against the Medici, a mutual enemy.
    • Steal back the sextant.
    • Crew wait for a week for those who got separated in Antiva City
    • Sextant is activated.
  • Solace, 951: Mutiny
  • The fallout of the mutiny
    • lost half the crew - need to find more crew
    • feud with Medici ongoing
  • In 944, the elf Tia stole the navigators sexton.

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7 hours ago, Planetboss1 said:

Jerad sounds like a badass so yeah, trust me after the day i've had, then having someone like him will be perfick


Okay then! Feel free to use as much or little as you want for the character sheet and be sure to PM @Zyah_Rayne to see if you guys wanna keep the past with Nyla. ^^

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