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Erik didn't even have time to think if he offended Zenda, to be honest it didn't even cross his mind. He stayed near Frei but, even though his wounds were still weeping red, he put all his rage and anger into the men that dared try and get the jump on them. Whit had guided them here, the crew had all worked to make sure the Run didn't fall afoul of the jagged rocks and fall prey to the same fate as the other ships. 

It occurred to him that the Raiders might have followed the bigger ship, just to see what she was doing, it didn't matter now, as he rammed his dagger into the throat of the luckless woman before him all he could see was a bunch of petty thieves who wanted to steal what was his and his crews, and his captains. By any laws of piracy or the ocean, this was theirs. 

Erik rolled under a sword strike and brought his daggers out and round cutting the hamstrings of the warrior behind him, spittle flying from his lips as he made his satisfaction known. Blood lust and blood rage seemed to encompass his small team, but he didn't care, this beach would be stained red by the time he and his senior officers were done. 

These cunts would learn never to take from his crew and his ship again, EVER

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Jared drove his sword through several raiders but saw some of his crew take a hit, including one of Raistlin's carpenters, a young lad that, unbeknownst to the Bosun had been spared his lash several months ago now. Still the lad took three of them into the swirling waters with him. He moved to the edge to see if the lad had come up but all that came up was the blood that accompanied them, must have hit something on the way down. 

Shaking his head he grabbed the captain of the vessel and pinned him against the mast, "You made a fuck off mistake boy" he snarled and drove his sword into the mans gut. It wasn't a quick death, the man would bleed to death, slow and painful, just how Jared wanted him to. 

"Nice" he turned to see the rigger called Anthena, an Ehlven woman with an Antivan accent join his side "Orders sir?" 

Jared heard a crack and looked up, he saw Zenda now on the Run and then felt the mast begin to splinter and move under the force of the winds that she was throwing at it. He grabbed the Elf round the waist and dived to one side as the Mast with its mage in its crow nest began to veer violently too one side, the other. 

"BRACE!" Jared yelled, warning Whitford who had the other Quartermaster in an arm lock, he smirked briefly as Whit broke the mans neck then motioned at the older bigger man to move. Whitford dived over the side and into the water below. Jared covered his body over his crewmate as the foremast, rigging and crows nest came down, the Water Weavers neck snapped as he was tossed from the nest and got caught up in the rigging. 


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