Caspian Veles, Dragon Researcher

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large.57f90370241b3_anor(42).jpg.6b7c07206a471e37c744c238fd818f96.jpgFixed details:

Name: Caspian Veles

b. 9:20 in Perendale, Nevarra

older brother of Christian Veles

Dragon Researcher at the University of Orlais





    2807042162.jpgPre-arranged environment:

    • Caspian and Christian were born into a wealthy family in Nevarra.
    • Their mother died in 9:38. Afterwards, their father fell into a deep grief and began drinking and gambling. When he died in 9:40, Caspian had to sell everything that they had in order to pay off his debts.
    • In 9:41, Caspian is accepted into the University in Orlais and Christian into the chevalier academy (he drops out pretty quickly though). 
    • After Caspian finishes schooling, he and Christian began traveling and researching dragons together.
    • Late in 9:50, however, the brothers get into an argument over a woman that Caspian is seeing. Christian leaves and they haven't yet reunited (as of mid-late 9:51).



    • Art by Tanya Anor; Face Claim: Pellek (both are optional! My only request is that he look like a plausible brother to Christian aka Myles Kennedy)
    • Personality up to the adopter
    • Welcome to have some warrior or rogue training, but he is primarily a scholar.
    • Outside plots are welcome! There is a dragon hunting expedition that he could possibly join, of which his brother is a part! 
    • What happened with the woman Cas was seeing is up to the adopter. They might have broken up (Chrissy contends that she is horrible), gotten married, or might still be together in some way. She can even be an adoptable, if desired.
    • Possibility for past and present threads! Christian is really close to his brother and really relies on him, so leaving was a tough choice.


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