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After sailing for some days, Dain and his small band finally sees Ostwick in the horizon. With what gold that they got, they managed to hire a small ship to sail them to Ostwick. Dain Marsh was watching the people who followed him. Out of them, there was only ten proper fighters, the rest were women and children. Extra mouths to feed. His uncle had to use all of his remaining coins to buy them enough supplies and provision to keep them from deserting like the other half did. 

Dayna has been silence ever since their departure. Ever since Buck died, there has only been distance between them. It was hard to tell, but sometimes it felt like Dayna blamed Dain for the dwarf's death. In the past, Buck was the one who welcomed Dain into the group. Buck was the one who lighted things up when things gets heated between Dain and Dayna. It was Buck who kept the group together. Now Buck was gone and it seems like there wasn't a reason for them to stick together anymore. 

Life was never going to be easy for him. He need to get an army and return back to Ferelden to help his family. And he needs to hurry, otherwise he might be too late.

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Despite the tension he felt between him and Dayna, Dain had to concentrate on the immediate problem, which at the moment was starting to grate him that he seemed to be doing all the legwork. Chasing this person, that person, getting this, getting that and that was before he knew the current state of affairs within the house. 

He had sent a raven to drop a message at a secret meeting point for him and his lover, the same way they had communicated throughout, he had hoped she would have better clarity on the situation with his family, but the longer he waited for news, the worst he thought it was going to be. 

"You know i think you'll like my brother Caster" He remarked as they waited for the meeting "He's a lot like you in many ways Dayna, and he might be my big brother but, he's never fully got on with me. Right Unc?" 

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"Well that's one way to put it." Uncle Gerion commented. "I think I have to be thankful that you are not like your brother, Dain." His uncle said. 

The ship approached Ostwick and soon they will be in harbor where they will try and find Dayna's contact, Krohn of the Crimson Blade. "To be honest, nephew, I am glad to see that you have matured a bit. You are not the reckless boy that you were when you left home." He said to Dain as they watched the approaching harbor. 

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"to be fair Uncle if my wife was murdered before my eyes i might have done the same thing, we both know how much Jania meant to Caster, she was good for him" Dain surprised himself at the admission. He looked at Dayna again, not wanting there to be division between them, not after all they had been through together. 

He honestly thought Buck would make it through that one. His heart felt heavier for the loss of the feisty Dwarf who had been a close friend and confidant. Buck had suggested once that Dain and Dayna would make a good match, but Dains heart belonged to only one woman, and despite his previous relationship with his older brother, he knew that if anything happened to her, then he might well be where his older brother was now. 

"So tell me what you know about the Crimson Blades?" he asked, trying to make her see that he valued her as much as he had Buck

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