The Life of a Handmaiden

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Winter 1.png


Date.pngMid Pluitanis 951

Location.pngLudus Gallicus

Characters.pngPortia, Idris

Players.pngZyah_Rayne, @Momo


Notes.pngPortia has recently been purchased by Lavinia as her handmaiden.

Idris has been tasked to teach Portia of her new role and whats expected of her.


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The role of slave was not something Portia was born into. She was once free, living with her parents who were modest herb merchants living in a small town in Tevinter. It wasn't until her father angered a Magister in the previous months was Portia taken from her life and made a slave. Lavinia was not her first master but she did acquire her within her first month of becoming a slave. The Magister who originally enslaved Portia had her for no more than a few weeks before his wife demanded that she be sold. Fortunately for her Lavinia took interest in her the slave markets and snatched her up quickly.

Now standing in the slave quarters sectioned off specifically for the handmaidens of the Domina, she was told to wait there. Another one of the handmaidens would be arriving soon to teach her the ways of the ludus and explain to her what was expected of her. Portia did not wander around the small room but stood firm in where she was told to wait. Portia had never been to a place like this before. A ludus, though she'd heard of them before, was a strange environment for her. What would her life be like here? Were her masters known to be cruel? What exactly was a handmaiden? She knew that she was chosen for her role because of her appearance but what else could have prompted the Domina to purchase her? 

So many question were running through her mind that she did not notice when she was no longer the only one in the room.

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Since she had been a child, Idris had served as a handmaiden in the ludus. Although because of her blindness she had never been promoted beyond that, she was still granted with responsibilities sometimes, such as working the new girls into their roles. Most usually were surprised by the young woman who could not see, yet seemed to be able to explain everything well enough, but Idris liked the duty of greeting the new ones and making them feel at least as welcome as they could be. The life of a slave was often a harsh one, but it was manageable too. 

"Hello," she greeted as she walked in. If the girl jumped in surprise, she did not see. In fact, she wasn't really sure where the young woman was until she spoke and looked into the middle of the room, even if Portia was quietly off to the side. "My name is Idris. Are you there?" 

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The other woman's voice startled Portia. Though she didn't necessarily jump, her heart was indeed beating a little faster. "I.. I'm here. Apologies. I did not hear you come in." The elf eyed the other slave, quickly coming to the realization she was blind. Where that might have put some people on edge, Portia on the other hand relaxed a little. It was obvious the other handmaiden couldn't see the redness in her cheeks over the embarrassment of being caught unawares.

"Hello, Idris. I am Portia." The elf took a few steps closer. "I was told to wait for one of the Domina's handmaidens and be instructed. I'm assuming that is you?" There was a timidness in her tone. Portia was uncertain of what her new role consisted of and she was even more unsure of the other handmaiden.

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Hearing the sound of the other woman’s voice gave Idris a direction and she stepped towards Portia. “A pleasure to meet you, Portia,” she replied, laying a hand on her shoulder when she finally found her. By touch, she could feel the woman trembling slightly and put on a smile, hoping to put her at ease.

“Indeed, I am,” she answered, nodding once. “Please, do not be worried. Our ludus is probably the best place you can serve. Do your duties and I promise you will be fine.”

Turning, Idris gestured for Portia to follow. “Come, I will show you our quarters and then explain to you what will be required.” Placing her hand on the wall, Idris made her way in the direction she spoke of, guiding herself by touch.

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