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Ever since he was a young boy, when he had picked up his first sword for training lessons from his older sister, Marius had held a dream that one day they might be fighting together. At the time it seemed like a flight of fancy but no, here they were side by side, brother and sister fighting these men and women that dared invade thier home. 

He would follow her lead, reign his anger at what they were really here for, or had come to shore for. He had no doubt that they might think about taking Es too, after all, the stories he had heard and been told a seeker would fetch a high price and he did not want to think about the tactics those bastards would employ to try and break her for the Vint market. They would not have an easy time of it, and he was pretty certain his sister would take them all with her.

But he had seen enough grief in this family and he would not see another, so with his families lives at stake,  and a prayer to the maker on his lips as he fought he proudly fought alongside his sister, taking all he had learnt and all she had taught him when she could, and for the first time in a long time Marius the man shone through rather then Marius the practical joker. 

At some point one of the pirates blades cut his shirt off his back, the young Duke twisting just in time to avoid being skewered and there, a large and nasty scar that ran the length of his broad back was on show for his sister and his returning with the cavalry twin to see. A scar that he had kept hidden and one that had almost claimed his life, at the hands of the first man he had killed. 

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When the Seeker heard the call of the Templars from above she knew she'd not have to hold on much longer with her brother. She too had be hit, but they were merely flesh wounds, nothing serious. Marius on the other hand had lost his bloody shirt of all things and had she not been in the middle of fighting for their lives she might have commented on his scar. As it was Esme would shove that query aside until later. The pirates had also heard - and now seen - the Templars and some of them that were still alive took to their landing boats. Esme knew the Bette needed to show the Templars the path, it meant an end to their secret cove but the pirates presence had already done that. It was a weak spot the Nevarran's would have to guard now so the Falkenrath's would never use it again.

Once the Templars hit the sand the pirates lost their courage and headed back to their boats en masse. Esme would have preferred to have killed every last one of them but this was now impossible. With the Templars charging past her the Seeker fell backwards onto her ass, exhausted!

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