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Player Name :- Catrin van Wolff
Character Type :- Common Character
Account :-  

Character Name :- Catrin van Wolff
Date of Birth :- 
Gender :- Female
Race :- Human
Class :- Warrior

Image Credit 

Height :- 6'2"
Eye Colour :- Blue
Hair :- Black, sleek and constantly-preened. Shortened, cropped hair.
Build :- Toned and Muscled, has a depiction of a dragon impaled on a spear on her back.


Personality & History :- Coarse, Blunt. Biased against mages. Hates superstitions. Secretly likes Griffins.

Distinguished and competent: Wolff is the example of a seeker on duty. While known to be soft-spoken and non-confrontational, Wolff can be set into a offensive pose when commanded or threatened. Wolff is often civil and courteous but she isn't one for being strong armed by others. Wolff is suspicious of other's exploiting her - yet she trusts fellow seekers more than mages. She is especially wary of the Mortalitasi. She is often knocked off-balance by the flirtations of others (often becoming a stumbling mess) and considers it as a type of "inappropriate communication".

Wolff's first and only desire is the success of the group, but will be self-preserving, valuing her life worth more than another. For all the commands and dutiful service on duty, she keens to tell stories and fables. Wolff is very fond of regaling the Chant of Light to children whenever she can, holding the Andrastian ideals of order and stability in high regards.

Being a descendant of trained dragon hunters from Nevarra, Wolff has an intimate knowledge and will often prefer them over any other game. Her immediate family had handled live and wounded dragons, sourcing the creatures for the dragon hunts during winter. Due to the scarcity of dragons, Catrin's parents had opted into other forms of employment, working as hired hunters to slay difficult wildlife . As a youth Catrin, had been trained by her family in close combat with beasts and spear throwing, her skills sparked an interest with the Seekers and proceeded to take her to recruitment. Wolff continues to practice her wrestling moves in training, especially with volunteers. While a spear -- spurred with the heraldry of the Seekers -- is her preferred weapon, she will handle to the sword like any other seeker.

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You wanted input correct? Obviously you didnt give her an age yet. The current year is 9:52. What I personally prefer in my own apps is to add 'year/age markers'. How old was -character- when learning their weapon. How old with recruitment. This way you can easily trace back whether the character remember big world events like the blight or the mage/templar war etc.

By the way she already sounds like one badass lady!

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