Site-Wide Rules


The forum rules are important and every member should read them and check back whenever we tweet or announce any updates or additions.


  • Revolutions has a rating score of 333 by The Universal Rating System. THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION FOR CYBERING. Please try to keep things tasteful and classy.
  • Revolutions has an Age Restriction of 18+ years old. For more information, go here: >LINK<
  • These rules are for use on the game site and may change as the RPG changes. All rules are implemented in the best interest of the members. If you see anything that seems outdated please let us know.
  • If you ever have any questions, just ask!


Registration and Application

  • Register with your "handle" (or internet name - some people use their real name, which is fine!). This is called an "Author" account.
  • When registering, you HAVE to create your account in an OOC style; our Author account type is an OOC representation of you as a player. This means that you are NOT allowed to use a character name for your Author account.
  • Only play these Races and adhere to the Character Restrictions.
  • When you apply for a character do so in your Author account.
  • Use of the Author account name when applying is not permitted.
  • At Revolutions we have the Sheets and Profiles system. When applying you must use the Sheet application form provided.
    • If you wish to do something more expansive you can create a Profile once you have written 10 IC posts with your character.
    • There is a 700 word limit in the history and personality section of the application sheet.
      • The limit for Restricted Role applications is 1000 words.
    • Within the History & Personality section you must use at least one paragraph. Bullet points are not allowed.
  • Regarding canon characters:
    • This is largely a non-canon RPG and so there is no point whatsoever in applying for, say Alistair, or Hawke, or Morrigan, or Flemeth -- do not do this!
    • Other, less direct connections to canon may possibly be considered.
  • Regarding adoptables:
    • Those creating adoptables are responsible for how they are managed. If the adoptable is created, applied for, and are connected to unapproved lore then they will not be approved for play by the application processor.
    • Private reservations of adoptable characters will change the character into a non-adoptable, so do not use the adoptable system if this happens.
    • Creation of Restricted Role adoptables is not allowed.
  • Staff endeavour to process applications as quickly as possible. However, as a large site we do work by standards, which can be found here: >LINK<


In Character

  • Non-sanctioned references to canon characters made in your posts are not allowed.
    • This includes allusions to canon characters.
  • Keep IC and OOC relations separate. Just because a character is rude and obnoxious, it does not mean the player is as well!


Out of Character

  • Treat everyone with respect. Even if you dislike someone, you can still be polite.
  • Talk to the Staff. If you have a problem with a rule, another member, a thread, or how an event is progressing, please contact a staff member
  • When you have an idea, problem, or query about something you must contact the relevant Team; for plot, contact the Plot Team; for general issues (technical, personal, etc), contact the Staff Team.
  • Do not use the Support forum to contact Plot Team members.
  • Make sure to also check the FAQ and Contact page for help.



  • No god-modding, power-playing, or dishonest conduct.
  • No small fonts. Everything you publish should be at least 14px (14 in the Size picker).
  • Do not harass members to reply to your thread.



  • No offensive or hateful material. Avatars, signatures, gallery uploads, and reference material should not contain anything that is vulgar or disrespectful of other people's sensitivities.
  • No nudity whatsoever.
  • Do not use images without the appropriate permission.
    • You must present proof of the permission given to use the image.
    • This can be in the form of links to copyright messages or a screenshot of the permission being given.
  • Give credit to all creators of any images you use on this site. For updated rules please see this article: link. For gallery rules go here.
  • Face claim and accreditation:
    • Make sure to check the articles for these when choosing any visual component for your characters.
    • Claiming is the responsibility of you as a player and you alone.
  • When applying for a character, if you use an image in your application you must also provide a link for accreditation. Failure to provide a link will delay your application by at least 3 days.
  • Hot-linking is not allowed at Revolutions. You must either upload from your own computer or host, or use our Gallery function.
  • Signatures are restricted to 600px x 250px.


Activity Recommendations and Requirements

  • Recommended regular activity at the forum comes in at two posts a week per character. If you post without notice at less than once every three weeks you may find it difficult to be involved with plots.
  • Inactivity will lead to account archiving.
    • Our account archiving rates are thus:
      • After 90 days past validation, if an account has no more than two posts it will be archived.
      • Thereafter, an inactivity rate of no posts in 60 days will bring about account archiving.
  • Let us know if you are going away!
    • This can be in a Status Update or a conversation in the Messenger system with both admins involved.
    • Also, please let us know if you are experiencing anything that will hinder your ability to post, such as internet problems. We will not archive your accounts if you post an absence - providing an estimated length of absence also helps!