Setting And Plot Overview


Revolutions has an AU setting, so whether you are new to the series or are a veteran of it, you should get up to date with the plot happenings in our Thedas.


Welcome to Revolutions - a play-by-post, non-canon RPG set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe. The overarching plot is set between the years 9:50 to 9:52, of the Age of the Dragon, however players can play in any time before 9:52. When we say this is a "non canon" game we mean that we have set our game in the world of Bioware's Dragon Age, but we do not allow the application of canon characters, nor do we follow the exact plot of the games/books/comics. Essentially we are AU - "the path not taken".


Linear and fixed timelines (flow of time IC)

We define the years as between 9:50 and 9:52 DA since this is the latest point in time we have significant board-wide events and plots. Any thread set after 9:52 is not allowed. We have fixed points in our timeline that most plots need to adhere to, but generally players have the freedom to experience either fluid or linear stories.

To help keep the flow of timelines in threads we have a template that automatically appears whenever you start a topic in an In-Character forum. By dating your threads it is more likely that your plot can be woven into board canon events and be added to the In-Character Calendar.


Significant Plot History & Events

The Past
The overarching plot of this forum is the Mage-Templar war, but this is not the only significant, board-wide plot. Our IC Calendar lists past events and links to the current important ones and those ongoing. The years covered are 9:50, 9:51, and 9:52 as these are the game's "present" timeline where the movement of plot primarily takes place. The pinnacle of 9:52 will see a significant turn of events that launches us into 9:53.

The Present
Currently the core plots are set during 9:50 and 9:52DA and are run by the staff.
These plots are:

  • Blue Fire in the City of Chains (War plot), where the mage rebel faction the Hand of Justice stirs up Kirkwall and threatens the peace the Templars have established since Anders attack on the Chantry 14 years previous.
  • The Forgotten War, in which the knights of the Templar Order have launched an unexpected and devastating attack on the native people of western Ferelden, the Avvar.


Planned Future Plots

Our plans for 2017 and 2018 are as follows:

  • Establishing plot and lore from other Bioware-made Dragon Age material, including newly released comics and games.
  • More special events!
  • Plots revolving around the Aeonar and the Southern Tundra!
  • More Great Game plots!
  • The appearance of one or two canon characters.
  • The War will begin again, but who makes the first move?
  • 9:53 beckons...

There will be many more exciting plots both team-run and member-run, so jump aboard the Dragon Age train and indulge your dark and gritty fantasy side with Revolutions and its awesome membership!