The Newcomer's Guide


The Newcomer's Guide is the place for all prospective members to begin! This document will help you navigate our game and get you started.

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You have found the Dragon Age RPG you have been craving, but how do you get involved? Read on, falon, read on...

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So who are we? What do we do here? What is this "Dragon Age" of which we speak?

  • Dragon Age is a multi-media franchise made by Bioware (the creators of Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic...). Thedas, the setting's "continent" is a dark fantasy world with horror elements. Though it has high fantasy in the form of magic and dragons it has a gritty foundation with guilds, politics, and war.
  • Our setting is not an exact copy of Bioware's work. Revolutions is an alternate universe, or "the path not taken". Set in 9:52 DA, twenty-two years after the Fifth Blight ended, we have custom factions, original plots and lore which expands the world in a way we have imagined with the influence of Bioware lore - though we are not beholden to it entirely.
  • Play by post is a format of role playing that takes place (mostly) on message boards or "forums". It can seem like a complicated format to begin with, but we have guides and a very helpful community who are willing to teach and aid all players.
  • Who are we? Well, the admins are Simon (formerly known as "Cad") and Claire (formerly known as "Mia"), and we also run and own Chronicles of Thedas, the fan project that this RPG is a part of.

Posted ImageWe understand it is difficult getting started at a new game, so here are some doors that lead to the road upon which your journey of Thedas will begin.

  • Revolutions is split into three main components:
  • The main focus of our documentation is the game site, since it is the core of the RPG.
    • The documentation is written with the assumption that you have created your account.
    • To do this, find "Sign Up" at the top of the site and select it. See the FAQ for more information.
  • The drop-down menus at the top of each page of the game site — “BEGIN”, “INFO”, “LORE”, "TOOLS", “COMMUNITY”, and “HELP” contain links to information like guides and important lore on such things as mages and templars – the two opposing factions in the site-wide plot, as well as links to existing character sheets and our Contributed Documentation section where any member can add helpful information to the community.
  • If you read nothing else upon your first trip to Thedas, then let it be the Rules and Guides – select “INFO” to get to these. The rules documents are essential reading and the guides are advice documents that will help you partake in playing our game.
  • We have a FAQ!

Posted ImageOMG!!!! This site is so huge! Where do I post my app?! Where do I RP?! Where in the Void are all the links I need?!!!

  • First, look up to the top of the game site - do you see the bar of links at the top? This is what we call our "Nav Bar", a navigation strip which features drop-down menus that travel down the page with you and are on every single page of the site.
  • BEGIN – select “Apply” to get started right away! The “Begin” menu is where you will find everything you need to know to get started.
  • INFO – the must-reads and help pages are here. This is where most members go both when making a character and posting as a character.
  • LORE – this menu opens to our version of Thedas. It leads you to the information you need to write IC (“In Character”: as a character, in the game). Whether you are building a character, planning a plot or writing an IC post, if you need some lore, go here!
  • TOOLS – this menu gives you direct access to our most prominent forms, covering a variety of requests to do with your accounts, characters, and content.
  • COMMUNITY – this menu has links to our galleries, helpful links, member lists, the community calendar, and other interesting and useful extras.
  • HELP – this menu gives you instant access to the main options for getting help.

Posted ImageCharacter creation is the first step towards RPing and at Revolutions we have created a hub which guides you through the process.

  • Making a character and playing it is the reason you sought out this site to begin with. It is, in our opinion, one of the simplest (just click "reply" right?!) and most difficult (muses are fickle!) things in RPing!
  • There is a good reason we do not link to the application template; it is because everything you need is in the Apply forum!
  • Make sure you read about the playable Races as well at the Character Restrictions.
    • Step 1: Create your character account. To do this, click your name at the top of any page and follow: Manage Account Settings -> Characters -> Create Character.
    • (IMPORTANT: Use your OOC account -- we call this the Author account -- from this point onward. Do not use your character account to post or interact with your application.)
    • Step 2: Select the "Characters" tab on the main page to get to the Apply forum (or on the link to it above).
    • Step 3: Check out the info section, in the box above the topic listing with the heading that says "Welcome to the Apply Forum!".
    • Step 4: Move down the page and select the "Apply" button. You will find helpful reminders plus the character application form. Fill it in and then hit ‘Send’.

Posted ImageFrom submitting your character application - to your approval, here is the process step by step.

  1. Post in the Apply forum.
  2. Your application will be given a quick check by a staff member to make sure it is ready to be put through the application process.
  3. A member of staff will post a message saying that we are reviewing your character (a picture of "Staffer Sten" should be in that post ).
  4. A member of staff "claims" your application and then processes it.
  5. Please read the Application Processing Standards to find out how long on average the turnover of apps is.
  6. Staff will not discuss your application publicly, only you and the staff can see the thread in this forum.
  7. We only process one application that belongs to you at any one time. They will be processed in the order that they were posted, the oldest to the newest. Just because there is more than one staffer active does not mean that we will review all of your applications in the Apply forum simultaneously. As a staff team we will only take one character per player to be reviewed.
  8. If any edits are needed you will be told so in your app thread.
  9. Once your character is approved your application will be locked and moved into the Character Sheets. Once it is approved you are free to RP!

Posted ImageEvery forum has its procedures and quirks, so don't feel bad about "getting it wrong". To ease your integration though, here are some of the things new members often forget to do.

  • We do not have a template which you can copy and paste. Go to the Apply forum and select the “Apply” button.
  • Follow the instructions given and make sure you have created your character account first.
  • Make sure you have your accreditation link in your application with any images used.
    Upload any images you use, even if you are using one of the site’s galleries (for example, our official character art resource: The Art House).
  • The person who posts the “Staffer Sten” message in your application thread is not necessarily the person processing your application.
  • Do not harass people to post. Polite reminders are fine once in a while but harassment in any form is not.

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By "mechanisms" we mean the way we do things, how you interact with the game and update, apply and claim things.

  • This RPG can be overwhelming; with all the mechanisms we have in place it may seem impossible to get involved. The fact is we are a large game, stretching across the game site, social media, and the wiki. Try to keep in mind that the mechanisms are in place to aid you in getting involved.
  • Take the Rules and Guides - the rules are mandatory and must be adhered to, but the guides are hints and tips. Both are there to give you boundaries and create paths to help navigate Revolutions.
  • The General Plotting forum is not everybody's cup of tea, but it works. If you just want a small, secluded one-on-one experience with a role play buddy then go ahead. Do it. For group related endeavours General Plotting is the best way to navigate the IC topography. It helps you get involved and it helps you setup your plot.
  • Communication is key, and we pride ourselves on using the forums to run this massive game. These mechanisms help us do that and they will help you to.

Posted ImageDo not despair! We are here to save you!

We hope this guide has been useful and wish you many, many hours of fun roleplaying!
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